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  • Functional programming
  • Program transformation, especially function fusion (applying to regular-expression-typed functions)
  • Skeletal parallel programming


  • Skeletal Parallelism ("ske-par") group (with Hideya Iwasaki, Zhenjiang Hu, Yasushi Hayashi, Kiminori Matsuzaki, and Yoshiki Akashi)

Past projects


The following are the events I have (or had) relations with (mostly just as a helper).

July 12-14, 2006, in Venice, Italy. PC member.
Summer Programming Symposium 2006 jpn
September 2-4, 2006, in Beppu, Japan. PC member.

Finished events

Young Gathering on Computer Science
PPL2006 jpn
The 8th Workshop on Programming and Programming Languages. March 2006, Ogoto, Shiga. Executive Chair.
DSW06 jpn
The Third Dependable Software Workshop. 2006, University of Tokyo (Hongo).
Dependable Software - Tools and Methods (co-locating workshop in DSN-2005)
DSW05 jpn
The Second Dependable Software Workshop. 2005, University of Tokyo (Hongo).
DSW04 jpn
The First Dependable Software Workshop. Feb 23 -- 24, 2004, University of Tokyo (Hongo).
psd2nd PSD
The Second Workshop on Programmable Structured Documents. Feb 20 -- 2, Hakone.
PPL Summer School 2003jpn
The First Summer School on Programming and Programming Languages. Sep 15, 2003, Aichi Prefectural University.
Workshop on Robust Software Construction. Feb 28 -- Mar 2, 2003, Hayama.
Sixth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming. Sep 15 -- 17, 2002, Aizu.
Fifth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming. Mar 7 -- 9, 2001, Waseda.
PE Day
Partial Evaluation and Program Transformation Day. Nov 15, 1999, Waseda.

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